Marriage: A Celebration of Love

Your  wedding is very special.  You need awesome photos, fabulous food, and  marvelous music.  But you also need a soulful ceremony to remind you  that when the photos fade, the food is digested and the music vanishes ,  marriage sustains and thrives.  I  can provide you with a spiritual ceremony, tailored to your specific  needs, that will make your wedding wonderful and marriage a lasting  covenant.




Below is a suggested outline of the  ceremony which takes about 15-20 minutes.  Feel free to add other  elements to this ceremony or remove some.  This is your wedding and I  want to help you make it the most joyful and spiritually enriching  experience of your life.   

  • Welcome (on behalf of the couple, everyone is invited to join the celebration)  
  • Statement on the Gift of Marriage (the basis, meaning and the beauty of marriage)  
  • Prayer (for the couple for God's blessings on their life together)  
  • Declaration of Intent (are you both free from pressure and intent to enter this covenant?)  
  • Affirmation of Families and Friends (support and blessings from family and friends)  
  • Unity Candle (optional: union of two into one, Christ the light, light for each other)  
  • Scripture Readings: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (or any passage chosen by the couple)  
  • Vows (choice of two vows or you may write your own)  
  • Exchange of Rings (circle of the ring, symbol of unending love)  
  • Final Prayer (more blessings for the challenging/rewarding path of married life)  
  • Announcement of Marriage (you are official!!)  
  • Congratulations (you may kiss the bride: best of everything from this day forward)  
  • Introduction of the new couple (Mr & Mrs... for the very first time)  
  • Recessional music (may your life be filled with the music of love and laughter)



The suggested fee for this  service is $295 in Broward County.  Other locations are negotiable  depending on travel time and distance. 

 If you choose me to officiate at your wedding, please make a $100 deposit to hold the date and time.  Thank you and God bless!