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Experience,  expand, enhance, enjoy and empower your life by inviting Paul to  facilitate a workshop, seminar, or retreat at your college, church,  company, or organization.  Dr. Veliyathil facilitates THRIVE programs  (retreats, seminars, workshops, etc.) in various settings (churches,  colleges, companies, organizations). It can be done as a One Day (6  hours) or as a Week-end event.

 By decoding the deeper meaning of the six letters of THRIVE and  recording them at the core of your being, you can change your life  around from being merely surviving to a thriving adventure. 

 You're placed on this planet to flourish.  If it is not a reality for  you, find out why and use the 6 keys in the book - THRIVE, to open the  locked areas of your life and find inner peace and abiding joy.