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By  decoding the deeper meaning of the six letters of THRIVE and recording  them at the core of your being, you can change your life around from  being a mere survival to a  thriving adventure. You are placed on this  planet to flourish. If it is not a reality for you, find out why and use  the six keys in this book to open the locked areas of your life and  find inner peace and abiding joy.



Just  as a good photographer can capture the beauty of a sunset in ways the  casual onlooker misses, so "Sunset Stories" captures the beauty of life,  love, and lasting impact of each life to the very end, thus  illuminating the world of hospice work to the point that the reader has  no choice but to exclaim in utter amazement: Awesome! Awesome! My wish  is that will be your experience, too, as it was for many other readers!

-Rev. Mircea "Mitch"Husar  Bereavement Manager 

VITAS Broward Program


 In this second volume of 30 sermons, Dr. Veliyathil continues the theme  of "living a mature faith" as his first volume of 52 sermons, GOD IS  PLURAL. Paul believes that the good news of Jesus is neither understood  nor experienced by many. He invites the readers to engage their hearts  and minds in a "faith seeking understanding" through a paradigm shift  from the traditional "sinners-blood-salvation" story to a  "saints-sweat-transformation"narrative. Give customers a reason to do business with you.



This collection of 52 sermons  invites the  reader to awaken to a new level of consciousness about his innate  identity as  a spiritual being and to affirm the divinity in others. The  author beautifully blends his personal stories of God and challenges  you to look beyond what you see, to experience God with your sixth  sense, treat every place as holy ground and to love your neighbor as  an  extension of yourself.