Priest - Author - Speaker - Psychotherapist - Hospice Chaplain

Dr.  Paul Veliyathil is a citizen of India by birth, a citizen of the United  States by choice, and a citizen of the world at heart.  His cosmic  identity makes him uniquely qualified to speak to the rich diversity  that humanity finds itself in today, and help us navigate the intricate  issues and challenges that we face.  Paul's doctoral studies in theology  at the University of Toronto, Canada, convinced him that a meaningful  integration of sociology has to have a relevant underpinning of  theology.  Paul is a Licensed Psychotherapist with a Master's degree in  counseling from Loyola University in Baltimore, which enables him to  work with individuals of all backgrounds in both clinical and  professional settings.  As a keen observer of life, Paul believes that  humanity at large is sleepwalking through life, being only half awake to  its possibilities and potentials.  Through his workshops, retreats,  preaching, counseling, conducting ceremonies-baptisms, weddings,  funerals, memorials, he helps individuals and groups to consciously  unlearn what they may have learned unconsciously about religion, culture  and life itself to guide them towards a planetary consciousness which  is an antidote for much that assails us today.